The workshop discusses the secrets, tools and practices of Ancient Greece that lead to great health, happiness and harmony.

It will help you return to living with agapi (Unconditional Love) and to the real diet (ancient Greek word meaning a way of life).

I have a background on many illnesses which include depression, suicide attempts, weight issues, gut issues and cysts. I had a number of surgeries and spent many years in and out of hospital.

I was desperate to find lasting solutions to my ongoing health issues. All my life I had been misguided into thinking that only a doctor can help me with my health issues. That unfortunately is not true. You can take control of your health and self-heal by empowering yourself with the right information. I searched for answers and came across many ancient Greek texts that helped me. I consolidated all this information and started to apply it to myself. I healed myself by adopting these ancient Greek practices and tools that I will share in this workshop. I feel that it is my duty to share them and to help others.

This workshop is based on my book "Cooking & Eating Wisdom for Better Health". We will explore these forgotten ancient Greek secrets, practices and tools that were used in ancient Greece for health and wellbeing, happiness and peace.

The Ancient Greek practice are preventative based not reactive solutions to health. Unlike prescribed medication there are no side effects to your health.

The Ancient Greeks believed we had unlimited power within and when we truly know and connect with ourselves, we can unleash our power and create great health, happiness and harmony in our life.

We will also explore some specific ingredients from ancient Greece still used today and what their healing powers are.

At the end of the workshop you will be able to develop your personalized Ancient Greek Wisdom diet.

I recommend that you focus on one section each week. You may need to watch each video multiple times. This will help your higher conscious to absorb and process all the information. I would also encourage you to keep a journal nearby and to document all that you are feeling and your emotions at the end of each section. This will help reveal any unresolved emotions and/or issues that require addressing and purification.

I thank you for participating in the workshop and wish you well on your journey of self-discovery.

My love and blessings.



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In this video I cover an overview and some suggestions.

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