"Maria helped me discover simple tools that helped me with my health and stressful life. I used to be constantly stressed and suffer from gut issues. My gut issues have gone and I am feeling better than ever. Maria, thank you for changing my life!"

- Denise M

Hi, I’m Maria Benardis

The workshop reveals the secrets, tools and practices in Ancient Greece that lead to Health, Happiness and Harmony.

I have experienced many illnesses in my life. They include years of depression, ongoing gut and digestive issues, and cysts. I’ve had several surgeries including the removal of ¾ of my left lung. I spent many years in and out of hospital. The doctors could not help me determine the cause or to fully heal me. I was desperate to find lasting solutions.

I went on a quest to search for answers. I stumbled across many ancient Greek texts that helped me. I consolidated all this information and started to apply it to myself. I healed myself by adopting these ancient Greek practices and tools that I will share in this workshop. I feel that it is my duty to share them and to help others.

This workshop is based on my book "Cooking & Eating Wisdom for Better Health". We will explore these forgotten ancient Greek secrets, practices and tools that were used in ancient Greece for health and wellbeing, happiness and peace.

The Ancient Greek practices are preventative based not reactive solutions to health. Unlike prescribed medication there are no side effects to your health. The Ancient Greeks adopted a mind, body and spirit approach to healing and everyday wellness.

The Ancient Greeks believed we had unlimited power within and when we truly know and connect with ourselves, we can unleash our power and create great health, happiness and harmony in our life.

At the end of the workshop you will be able to develop your personalized Ancient Greek Wisdom diet. The course will help you return to, living with agapi (Unconditional Love) and the real true diet (ancient Greek word meaning a "way of life").

I wish you well on your journey of transformation.

Health is wealth. Self- care is the new healthcare!